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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dollish Polish - Scarab - Valley of the Kings collection (Space Guerrillas, Part 2!)

I thought that Dollish Polish Scarab, from the Valley of the Kings collection, would be the perfect glitter to layer over yesterday's Smoke and Ashes. Sadly, as you'll see from the previous days post, Smoke and Ashes was abducted by a rather menacing Space Guerrilla. Ah well, we must keep on, no matter the perils that polishing brings. This is two coats of Scarab over Smoke and Ashes:

Isn't it gorgeous? It really pops against the glossy black of Smoke and Ashes, with it's very subtle blue-green glitter. Scarab itself is made up of smaller gold, red, and green glitter with a smattering of larger blue, green and gold glitter. I'm really happy with this, and can't wait to review the rest of Dollish Polish's Valley of the Kings collection (for the review of Bow to the Pharaoh, click here).

What do you think of Scarab? What do you think some great layering combinations might be? I have to say, I'm really glad that pesky Space Guerrilla seems to have wandered off, I wouldn't want this pretty lacquer to get snatched up...

Oh for crying out loud! For real?! Marauding Space Rhinoceroses, abducting my Dollish Polish? I'm NOT cool with this.


  1. I'm happy those space guerillas don't live anywhere around here - but OH wait, the come from space, I'll have to shield my polishes with an anti guerilla shield from now on ;)
    Lovely color, too bad it was abducted ;)

    1. Yes, do keep an eye out for space guerrillas. Terrible problem to have! I can't imagine what will happen next... ;)

  2. The glitters look really pretty. Very nice.