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Monday, March 5, 2012

China Glaze Fast Track (with comparisons!)

Today I managed to get my nails on four of the new China Glaze Hunger Games polishes; check it out!

Left to Right: Harvest Moon, Luxe and Lush, Fast Track, Smoke and Ashes

I had also wanted to get Riveting, but the Sally's I went to (the only one in my city and a solid 20-25 minute drive away) was all sold out. The hilarious thing is, the woman in front of me in the line up for checkout had the last bottle. :P Isn't that always the way it goes? Anyways, we ended up having a good chat about the Hunger Games trilogy (love it!), and the lacquers from this collection, similar colours, etc... I find I'm kicking myself a little bit, because I should have passed along my contact info/blog address. It's rare when you run into someone (in person, at least) who is as crazy about lacquer as you are! We could have bonded over our mutual love of lacquer and our unreasonably large collection of polish. I suppose I still find it hard to blurt out that I write a blog about nail polish; does anyone else feel a bit of "lacquer shame" when it comes to sharing your obsession? The funny thing is, I'm totally certain this woman would have "gotten" it. Ah, missed opportunities... Anyways, let's move onto the lacquer, shall we?

I decided to try Fast Track first, which is a lovely neutral taupe with very strong yellow-gold shimmer. Application was easy, and this was two coats:

It tends to look slightly more yellow toned in ambient light (first photo), and more grey-leaning in (what remained of) the sunlight (second photo). 

I was pretty sure this would be close to a couple other polishes I have kicking around, and certainly, in some aspects it is. I swatched Fast Track next to Orly Nite Owl, China Glaze Knotty, and Sevilla Desierto Seco. 

Left to Right: Orly Nite Owl, China Glaze Knotty, Sevilla Desierto Seco

The Sevilla polish isn't similar in tone at all to Fast Track, but I threw it in anyways because it seemed to have the same strong yellow-gold shimmer in it that Fast Track has. 

Here they are on the nail: 

Left to Right: China Glaze Knotty, China Glaze Fast Track, Orly Nite Owl, Sevilla Desierto Seco

A closer look of the three most similar lacquers: 

Left to Right: China Glaze Knotty, China Glaze Fast Track, Orly Nite Owl

Knotty's base colour is definitely lighter and more yellow than the other two, although it is similar in colour to the shimmer in Fast Track. On the other hand, Nite Owl has a more similar base colour to Fast Track, but the shimmer in Nite Owl is silver whereas Fast Track has yellow-gold shimmer. 

Basically, if China Glaze Knotty and Orly Nite Owl had a baby, it would be Fast Track. ;)

I really hope this comparison was helpful! Have you picked up any of the Hunger Games lacquers? Do you think Fast Track will be among them?


  1. I love how Fast Track looks, you ended up getting it after all!

    1. Yep! My resolve to limit my polish purchases crumbled like a house of cards when I saw the crazy yellow-gold shimmer in this bottle. :P

  2. Fast Track looks nice on you - would look terrible on me. Arrrggh about Riveting, that's my favorite of the lot!!!
    Nice comparison too!

    1. I am very fond of these kinds of colours- they are wonderful neutrals, for me at least. And yeah, I was so looking forward to trying Riveting! Oh well, I'll keep stalking my local stores to find it. :P Have you tried any of the Hunger Games polishes yet?

    2. Nope, but I kind of hope to get two for testing any day soon now, but I'm not sure. Otherwise I'll have to order some soon online from the US...

  3. Fast Track looks good one you! I don't think it would look nearly as good on me. If I had to choose anyone of those 3 I would go with Orly Nite Owl.

    1. Thanks! I do think that Nite Owl is probably the easiest polish to pull off- the softer silver shimmer is easier to work with than yellow-gold shimmer. And I love the darker taupe base!