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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hare Polish - Pegasus

Hare Polish's Pegasus- this is a seriously awesome polish that I received as a Christmas present from a seriously awesome friend (she's currently on vacation, but if she happens to see this, I hope you're having a blast, Bee!). Pegasus features a pastel lilac-pink base with lots of silver glitter in various sizes that actually reads as more white when partially covered by the creamy pastel base. The overall effect is kind of like a jelly sandwich. Like most Hare polishes, the formula is very dense and a little thick, and covered easily in two coats. 

What do you think of Hare Polish Pegasus? Would you be as thrilled as I was to receive this as a Christmas present?


  1. I love this polish - and it looks great on you too!

  2. That's so pretty and delicate! I would be extremely happy to be gifted with this!

    1. Thanks, Kas! :D The best part about turning your friends into lacquerheads is that you KNOW you're going to swap awesome polish-y gifts at all major occasions. ;)