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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quo by Orly - Night Sky

Quo by Orly is a line of nail lacquer that is produced by Orly and can be found in Canadian drugstores (Shoppers Drug Mart, specifically). When I was out the other day I couldn't resist picking one up to share with you all; this is Quo by Orly Night Sky.

Night Sky is a beautiful, slightly multichrome, purple shimmer in a smokey base. It's quite dark, but remains visibly a deep purple, although it does have a strong smokey cast to it. It has tons of depth and looks kind of... wet. It has a glittery wetness to it. And makes me think of beetles; dark and shiny. Yeah, that sounds a bit odd, but I'm trying to capture the depth it has. And while the gold multichrome is has in the bottle doesn't show up as much on the nail as in the bottle, you do still see it from time to time. Not always when you're looking for it, either. Sometimes it'll jump out at you in the most random lighting, and then disappear. Here are a few more pictures:

See how shiny it looks here? This is in artificial light. I'm kind of crazy about it. 

I think this colour might be similar to one of the Orly Cosmic FX, but I don't have any of them to compare. Either way, this is an interesting lacquer, and I'm very happy with it. 

Oh, and incidentally, this is the ring I was wearing today, and there is a story behind it that relates to Night Sky...

I bought this in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar from one of the (many, many, many!) jewelry vendors. I love bartering, and it was so amazingly glittery. I knew it was almost certainly some kind of plastic with glitter in it, but I had to ask the vendor what the "name" of the stone in the ring was. The response was that it was a "Night Sky Diamond". Hahahah. After that answer, who could resist? A NIGHT SKY DIAMOND! Doesn't it sound over the top? 

So that's the story of Night Sky the polish, and Night Sky the ring. I'm further impressed that I just happened to wear it today when I was wearing my Night Sky polish. The parallel was lost on me until just a short while ago. 

What do you think of Quo by Orly Night Sky? And what do you think of my Night Sky ring? Before I go, I'll leave you with a couple pictures from my visit to Istanbul: 

 The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul


  1. Lovely polish, and I guess you found your "source" to your ring too LOL