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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Random Swatch Spam: Part 2

Today I've got yet more swatch spam to share with you! I had a huge backlog of manicures to share with you all, and have even more yet to come...

OPI Liquid Sand in Can't Let Go and The Impossible (super easy "half and half" nail art that was a snap to do, thanks to those really tiny brushes that come in the OPI mini bottles).

OPI I Vant To Bite Your Neck 

Pahlish Anticipating and Pacing (love this colour combination!)

Pahlish Mind Like A Diamond 

Rescue Beauty Lounge Jane 

Rescue Beauty Lounge Jane, this time in sunlight (golden shimmer slightly visible) 

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Barricuda (no idea why my fingers are absurdly red here) 

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Copperhead 

Sally Hansen Compete Salon Manicure in Greige Gardens. Possibly my favourite shade of nail polish.

Oh, pardon me, that's "GreigeTM Gardens". Apparently 'greige' is trademarked? Odd.

 Tony Moly GI06. Insanely beautiful. I got mine from Korean beauty supplier Cosmetic-Love. They have awesome free world-wide shipping! Highly recommend.

Tony Moly GS09 

Zoya Neely 

And to top it off, a bonus shot of Neely paired with a perfectly matching minty-green ceramic rose ring.

Do you have any favourites in this bunch?