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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Illamasqua Harem and Nurture

Tonight I've got two gorgeous Illamasqua lacquers to show to you: Harem and Nourish. 

Harem was released earlier this year and is a lovely blue-based pink creme; it's not quite your standard pastel pink- it has much more of a lavender hue to it. As per usual, the formula was great, barely needing two coats for perfection. 

Nurture is part of last year's Rubber Brights collection, and sports an interesting satin/rubber finish- it is also the most incredible vivid green. It's extremely bright, but doesn't come off as a citrusy neon- rather, it has an beautiful fresh leafy-ness to it, if that makes sense. I absolutely loved wearing this one, and was sorry to remove it. Very unique.

What do you think of these lacquers from Illamasqua? Can you think of any polishes similar to Illamasqua Nurture?


  1. Both are gorgeous polishes - and yes I have them :)

  2. THanks for sharing. I like the pink color. A blue-based pink is subtle and classy.

  3. I love Nurture! I don't have enough of these polishes :P

  4. Harem is very cute! :-) Nurture is a little bit strong for me, but it would be great for nail art and it has a beautiful finish! :-)

  5. Harem is an interesting take on a more lavender color. I like that you went for a more bluish base instead of heading towards pink like most nail polishes do. I am in love with Nurture. It is fresh and bright and something that I could see myself wearing a lot.

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