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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Glitter Gal - Light As A Feather

I can't help but feel that my swatches don't quite do this one justice; this is Glitter Gal's Light As A Feather, a stunning white linear holographic. I haven't come across anything quite like this, and I remember when this first came out it was pretty unique. Now, with more and more indie makers creating fabulous polishes and exploring new combinations, it might not be as exceptionally unique as it once was, but it's still a fantastic lacquer. Behold:

I really love how light and ethereal this looks. It looked even more flawless in person- delicate and probably subdued enough to be work appropriate, but made special by the addition of holographic glow. Yep, this polish has definitely earned its coveted "awesome" tag.

What do you think of this gorgeous white holo?


  1. Very elegant shade. I'm currently running a Spring giveaway if you want check it out :)

  2. Kind of looks like Enchanted Polish Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds :) Pretty!

    1. I does indeed! I feel like that one leans a touch more silver (correct me if I'm wrong), but they are quite similar.